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Across the globe, cities, regions, and countries are competiting with each other in terms of economic growth. New entrants in the global marketplace work diligently to attract investment and create long-term, value-added jobs in their respective areas. When the competition is fierce, smart communities turn to specialists with a solid track records to help them achieve their goals.

Client-driven Services

Norman E. Taylor & Associates, LLC. was founded on the simple principle of delivering high quality services with integrity, while adding value to the mission of our clients. Our services are client-driven, but engineered by a team of professional economic developers, dedicated to our clients’ success.

Business & Economic Development Consulting Firm

Norman E. Taylor & Associates, LLC (NETA) is a business and economic development consulting firm serving private sector corporations and investment entities, and local governments. Learn more about our business philosophy, mission, and corporate vision, and let us know how we can help you with your growth strategies.